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Promoting on World Animal Day

4 October is World Animal Day. On this day, there is a worldwide spotlight on animal rights, the protection of endangered species and on the welfare and living environment of animals. Read more »

Support World Animal Day with stuffed animals

imprinted_stuffed_animalsEvery year on October 4, animal rights organizations make an appeal for greater attention for animal rights. For example, many species are currently threatened with extinction and they need protection.

Under the principle of Corporate Responsibility, it is a good idea for companies to support World Animal Day. To draw attention to this special day, you can give business gifts that support both your business and this cause.

Stuffed animals as a statement

That is why IGO-POST offers a wide variety of plush and stuffed animals that express support for animal rights, while at the same time giving your brand a positive image. You can print these stuffed animals with a logo and/or slogan that makes your stance on World Animal Day clear. A strong slogan will give your brand a high level of brand recall, while promoting World Animal Day in a fun way.

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