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Business gifts and stress

business gifts and stressDo you have tight deadlines and a full diary? Are your employees tense? If so, then you are more than likely dealing with stress, and that is not good! In fact, research has shown that stress in the workplace can cause a lot of internal tension, as well as a decrease in productivity. All this means that it is time to act; after all, happy employees perform better!

To reduce stress, IGO-POST can offer you a range of anti-stress balls. Anti-stress balls are balls made from foam, beads or silicone that you can squeeze. By squeezing the ball, you create a certain level of muscle tension and when you release the ball again, your muscles “de-stress”. That way you can release all of your pent-up tension and you will feel less stressed. Furthermore, this will help you avoid the infamous Carpal Tunnel syndrome.

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