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Valentine’s Day—declare your love for your customer with a creative corporate gift

Valentine’s Day is ever increasing in popularity. February 14th is the day on which to declare your love for your partner or for a secret love. We are confronted with all the available gimmicks to make an unforgettable impression. The commercial sector certainly takes advantage of this. Web shops, florists and retail shops offer plenty of Valentine’s Day cards, bouquets and gifts. Hearts, inspiring love texts and images of arrow-shooting cherubs fill the websites, shelves and shop windows. We are on cloud nine and see everything through the rose-coloured glasses of love. Read more »

New business partner? Seal your relationship with a business gift!

usb nieuwe zakenrelatiesBusiness gifts are essential to maintaining successful business relationships. However, the first business gift for a new business partner requires extra attention! This first gift will set the bar for what your business partner will expect of you in the future, and we all know just how important first impressions are!

Setting a budget for your business gifts

Your first thought might be to give a large, striking business gift. While this is sure to make a lasting impression, it is not always the best choice. It can cause your client to expect that you will be offering such business gifts on a regular basis, which may not be within the means of your budget for every contact moment with your business partner. In addition, excessively large gifts may come across as extravagant or something worse…

Conversely, excessively small business gifts give the impression that you do not fully appreciate your business partner. Selling a business relationship short is definitely not the goal of a business gift! We have provided a number of examples of business gifts that will make a good impression at an affordable price. Read more »

Ordering gifts online – fast and easy to order!

Have you been collaborating with a company or a certain individual for some time? If so, then it is high time that you treat this client with a personal gift and a thank-you letter. Are you unsure what gift to choose?

The online range of gifts from IGO-POST is very extensive and easy to search. You can easily navigate our site by category, in order to find the right business gifts.

Why online gifts?

You are probably very busy at work, which does not leave you with a lot of time to peruse the shopping streets in search of the ideal gift for your most loyal clients. If you use online shopping, you will lose almost no time and you don’t have to move an inch. Moreover, on the IGO-POST website you will already find a selection of potential gifts, which makes the search easier. Read more »