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Business gifts for clients with green fingers

Gardencase-Gardening-set-business-giftIt will soon be that time of year again: gardening time! All of the snow and ice should be gone come March, and we can get going once again. So make sure that your clients have all of the tools they need to have their lawns looking lovely once again.

Undoubtedly, there are many clients in your target group who like nothing more than working on their gardens. So why not give them the green bug now, with the right printed tools? That way, your target groups will come into contact with your brand for a whole year!

Your brand & logo in every garden!

You can be present in various lawns by having your business gifts printed with your brand and your logo. And not just with lawn tools. In addition to the GardenCase gardening tools, IGO-POST also offers other business gifts for the lawn:
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